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Faculty Development DEU


Faculty development has become a priority at many academic institutions as a way to improve the quality of academic programs and to respond to emerging needs. The process of training should necessarily be directed to give every teacher a sense of professionalism, excellence, motivation and satisfaction.

Development and training is a continuous and systematic process. Faculty development helps support changes to the curriculum. Goal is to Develop the skills faculty need to implement curricular innovations.

This system maintains a repository of the faculty development workshops and also previously attended workshops by the faculty for the improvement and excellence in there academics, research and conducting assessments.

College of Dentistry - King Saud University


The program is designed to train and develop professionals in their area so that they can act as 'Resource Persons' in guiding and motivating young students.The Faculty development program intends to arrange a series of workshops for all teaching staff which will provide the practical training on different important aspects related to their career.

The scheme is designed to enhance the teaching and other skills of the faculty. And to make them aware about modern teaching tools and methodologies. It will not only promote the professional practices relevant to technical education but also motivates the faculty to achieve competitive teaching and learning environment, development with respect to academic qualifications and personal matters.

College of Dentistry - King Saud University


College of Dentistry KSU


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